Share capital payment with non-monetary payment

No need for bank or fintech to share capital contribution. You can put your 2500€ to company even in cash.

Main point is that your company gets 2500€.
1. You give 2500€ loan to company and transfer money to company (to fintech account of your choice, to bank or to cashbox)
2. You disclaim the loan – now your company have 2500€
3. You make papers (you find samples below), change articles of association to allow non monetary contribution and make non-monetary contribution agreement.
4. Pay state fee 18€ and register it on commercial registry. It’s 100% legal not like Holvi statement where you should hope to court goodwill.
In bigger plan result is same – company has 2500€ share capital and board is responsible about it. If you transfer share capital to bank you can take it also to cashbox and if you transfer share capital to cashbox you can transfer it to bank/fintech.

Document samples in Estonian (for company registry) NB! Make PDF for digital signing

Ainuosaniku otsus


Mitterahalise sissemakse üleandmise leping ning juhatuse kinnitus

Document samples in English (just to understand what you sign)

Shareholder decision

Articles of association

Nonmonetary contribution

Once you need legal translation from company documents you will be also happy that you have short articles of association. Not two pages copy paste from law.