Accounting in Estonia for e-Residents is easy and 100% online

  • Accounting in EstoniaNo additional sign in or registration
  • Low annual cost

Annual accounting/annual report – from 75€/year

If you are not VAT obligator (annual turnover less than 40K) and you don’t pay monthly salaries – then you might need accounting once in a year for annual report. We make your annual accounting and annual report once in a year.

Monthly accounting – 59€/month

  • 15 minutes of consultation
  • access to the online accounting software
  • TSD declaration
  • KMD declaration
  • 10 transactions and entries
  • Micro-enterprise annual report

VAT 20% will be added to prices.

Can you do accounting yourself? – Yes you can. But sometimes you earn in same time on your business more money then you spend to service.

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Accounting in Estonia and tax rates


You need it if You have more than (more than 2 criteria must be met):

  • 1 000 000 EUR revenues per year
  • 500 000 EUR on balance sheet
  • 15 workers

Income tax

  • Income tax rate – 20%
  • Period of taxation for natural persons is a calendar year.

    Corporate income tax rate

  • The moment of corporate income taxation is shifted until the distribution of profits in Estonia. Period of taxation for legal entities and non-residents with permanent establishments in Estonia is one calendar month.
  • Distribution in the year 2017 – Tax 20/80

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