Company registration

  • Multiple shareholders allowed
  • Physical goods trade allowed
  • No additional sign in or registration – just fill the form below

Company registration for e-Residents

  1. You fill out the form below.
  2. We will check your business name and fill all the necessary governmental applications.
  3. You sign documents with your e-Residency card – registration process 100% online.
  4. You make a payment (Bank transfer, or VISA/Mastercard).
  5. You get your company in 1 day.

Can you do it yourself? – Yes you can. But sometimes you make in same time on your activity more money then you spend to service. Shortly pay 25€ service fee and forget about company registration,  better get some important things done. We spend your time in the registration process less than 5 minutes.

company registration


Landing package 415€ (incl state fee, service fee, one year address and contact person)

Check your business name availability!

Fill company registration form

Company registration form
Please write same like on your e-Residency card
Please write same like on your e-Residency card
Personal code is 11 numbers at the card
The company e-mail may be the same as your personal. This e-mail address should already work because confirmation mail will be sent to this address
Your phone number with area code
According to Estonian law all companies can do business in all activities - please name principal activity for registration information.
Minimum share capital is 1 euro cent. On foundation board member will confirm that the share capital contribution is done (company received capital contribution)

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